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Who We Are

Born in 2016, from a partnership with a group of companies in Switzerland. We have been able to launch several products with large success in world wide market, using our industrialisation processes, test cases, production knowledge and some embedded development at the very beginning. Since 2019 we are deeply involved in the embedded development including light PCB design, firmware creation and some mechanical design, helping our partners maintaining and launching their products.

Our team is young, constantly learning, we are very dynamic and we never get bored! For the future, our target is to grow sustainably. For that we aim to keep the existing customers happy but slowly grow the team to expand our business portfolio. The base to reach these goals will be each personality that composes our team, no exceptions!


What We Do

Our operations are focused on the industrialisation of new solutions and help customers to launch and maintain their new products into the market. Bonded to this activity, we provide knowledge of Mechanics, Electronics and Software development, where embedded systems are the main focus. We are also strong on industrialisation of test cases involving Hardware and Software, with a wide knowledge of electronic production.

  • Engineering Services

    We can help you through every step of a project involving electronics. We can design, plan, create and manufacture everything that you need to make your product and vision come true.

  • OEM Product Industrialization

    Do you have a special project that requires branding or custom made pieces? Talk to us on how to create proprietary solutions that will establish your brand as an industry standard. We can manufacture exactly what you need in a fast and professional manner.

Who We work with

These are just some of our amazing partners and customers!

Our culture is based in self-managed work, intense communication and feedback. Those are the references for the customers. However, we  only evolve with a passionate, supportive and strong-willed team.